Dolce Vita Foundation «CHILDREN'S DREAMS»

The major goal of our foundation is to function like Santa Claus, but not just on holidays, but all year long! Fill every child's childhood with joyful memories and trust in the goodwill of others! So that everyone to whom we brought a smile and delight in the future would wish to pass it on to others, therefore helping a noble cause - the realization of a child's, even the tiniest, dream! After all, it is from them that every kid learns to be happy and believe in miracles, and it is from them that every child joins the adult world, which lacks these basic delights and genuine feelings!

How we work:

Every child can write us a letter with a story about his or her little dream using the application window on the site! We will endeavor to handle as many applications as possible to make as many children happy as possible.

Unfortunately, the Fund will not be able to implement all applications; however, we will work hard to achieve this goal! Please contact us again after some time has gone if no one has responded to your application the first time.

The happiness of you and your children is our primary priority!


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Dolce Vita held a charity event for children in Almaty

The Dolce Vita Modeling and Acting School offered gifts to Lipetsk secondary school honors and excellent students!

Another childhood goal came true thanks to the charitable project "Dream with me" in collaboration with the Dolce Vita model school.

Masha Gutova, a 4-year-old from the Moscow region, has realized her goal of becoming a model!

Our dreamer glows brightly all around her, like a tiny sun. It's difficult not to be honest when she's around. Masha maintains an active lifestyle despite her illness.

Together with her mother, they are continuously involved in a variety of activities. They study at an online theater school, go to the pool, and play with pets - the dog Betty and the cat Vinegar.

Masha's ambition of becoming a true model was realized last week. Our aspirant entered the modeling profession with the assistance of the Dolce Vita model school's instructors. Everyone noted Masha's eagerness to work when she and her mother arrived.

Masha first studied acting with Maria Akimenkova, an actor from the theater "On Taganka." Masha was emotional and performed flawlessly in all of the exercises. When Maria inquired as to how many poems the girl knew, she instantly proceeded to recite them all. An actual puppet theater awaited everyone at the end of the master class. Of course, our Mashenka was the star.

After a little intermission, the immersion in the art of photography began. Elena, a brilliant teacher, and photographer assisted the girl in this. Masha was informed about various viewpoints as well as natural and artificial lighting. Masha and Elena also took numerous professional photographs.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Dolce Vita model school and the Russian kid’s movement, as represented by Daria Tolkacheva and Eliza Stroganova, for their assistance in creating Masha's Dream Day. Thank you to Vlad Zhuravlev for the moving and vibrant images.

Danila Belov
[His dream is to become a true model]

Dolce Vita, in collaboration with the Russian Charitable Project "Dream with Me," fulfilled a childhood dream!

The All-Russian Model School Dolce Vita, in collaboration with the Russian Charity Project "Dream with Me," gave a memorable picture session and an author's lesson in acting from famed actor Andrei Lebedev, realizing Danila Belov's long-held dream of being a genuine model!

Danila is eight years old, and he is a highly energetic, lovely, intellectual, and infinitely creative kid who discovers new interests every day and sets objectives for himself at such a young age! He and his huge family live in the Moscow region.

Dolce Vita has a long history of philanthropy. Models from the school took part in an exhibition of Russian designers' collections at the Boutique Sale event, with all earnings going to the AdVita fund for assistance. Ongoing assistance is also given to several other charity groups. In addition, according to quotas set by the company's management, 20% of Dolce Vita students in Russia can study for free.

The "Dream with Me" project tells a story about good people, overcoming hurdles, intergenerational dialogue, and how to be happy no matter what. Every person's greatest wish is to live despite their diagnoses and complicated treatments. And fulfilling one's desires allows one to live the life of one's dreams!